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10 Ways to Pack Light & Maximize your Carry-on Luggage

10 Ways to Pack Light & Maximize your Carry-on Luggage

For many, packing light can seem like a huge challenge, especially if you are not quite sure what to expect at your final destination. There are a huge range of benefits to packing light when going on holiday, from no excess baggage fees to less risk of injury due to a heavy case, travel comfort, and overall a much easier travel experience. Air travel no longer has to be burden, with these tips to packing light, you can have packing perfection with ease. 

Wear Your Heaviest Shoes

Shoes are a suitcase killer. Not only are they large and take up a lot of space, but they are also often heavy and can weigh your suitcase down. The key is to always wear your heaviest shoes to the airport, even if they don’t go with your outfit, it will be well worth it. The biggest culprits are often boots, trainers or heels. Flip flops on the other hand won’t take up hardly any room at all, and are incredibly light, meaning they are the easiest shoe to keep in your case. You can wear them to the beach, with shorts or a dress or just around your hotel. It might also be worth packing a pair of comfortable shoes, be it trainers or flats, if you plan to do a lot of walking on your trip.

Pick the Best Suitcase

The type of suitcase you use can be extremely important when it comes to your travel. If you know you are going somewhere where you will have to take your bag around with you, then a 4-wheel case or a backpack may be the best choice. Alternatively, if you know you can tuck your suitcase away as soon as you arrive at your hotel, then the lighter the better. The less your suitcase weighs, the more you can stuff into it!

Cosmetics Tips

Always check if the accommodation you have booked with supplies toiletries. If you know you are going somewhere that will supply you with shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and soaps, then there is no need to bring them at all. Most hotels will also provide a hairdryer, meaning there is no need for you to take your own. If you are just planning on taking hand luggage, then always just pack makeup wipes rather than a cleanser, as this will get the job done without using up any of your liquid limit. It also might be worth checking out the range of solid cosmetics out there, such as blocks of shampoo and conditioner.

Don’t Disregard Comfort

You may be packing light, but travel comfort shouldn’t be forgotten, especially if you are on a long-haul flight. A portable airplane travel footrest is a perfect choice for travellers on the move, as its size allows you to carry it with you wherever you go. Not only will this luxury travel accessory allow you to have a comfortable flight, but can also be an important item of travel gear that can help to with Deep Vein Thrombosis prevention. This is one of the best footrests for circulation. Simply kick your feet up and enjoy a relaxing flight.

Travel Accessories

There are some handy travel accessories out there that can help you with your packing journey. Buying some travel scales won’t set you back too much, and can save you some hefty fees and embarrassment at the airport. Knowing exactly how much your suitcase weighs will give you peace of mind before you travel, saving you from any unnecessary stress.

Use a Packing List

Writing a list of things you need before you even start to pack can be a great way to ensure you are not just throwing any old thing in your case. When you start to pack, be sure to stick to things only on the list. Start with the clothes, and then move on to any travel accessories, such as electronic devices, travel gadgets and comfort items, such as a portable airplane footrest. If you are not sure where to start, you can easily find some example packing lists online, many of which are specific to the type of country you are travelling to.

Using Compression Packing Cubes

If you are going away for a while and know you are going to be needing a lot of clothes, a great travel gadget to use is a compression packing cube. These cubes have the power to literally half the amount of space your clothes take up, however you should be aware that the greater the compression, the heavier the packing cube is going to be. We love the Standard Luggage Company packing cubes and even more so the Cube Day BackPack! They're packing cubes also conveniently fit with their entire Carry-on luggage packing system.

Standard’s Backpack Packing Cube | Packable Daypack

Don’t Bother with Towels

Towels are a traveller’s nightmare. Not only are they heavy, but they can also take up a great deal of space. If you are staying in a hotel, then a towel is almost always supplied. If you are going to be staying in hostels however, you are still likely to be able to hire one for a small fee. If you really want to take your own towel, then it may be worth investing in a travel towel, which are extra compact, light, and fast drying.

Don’t pack paper

Taking a book on holiday is a must for many, especially if a sunny country is your end destination. The problem lies in the fact that books are bulky and heavy, especially if you plan on taking two or three with you. For many, there is no replacing a good paperback, but a handy travel accessory alternative is a Kindle or other digital reading device. You can store literally hundreds of books in one gadget. They are extremely light, and books can often be bought much cheaper than a physical book.

Don’t pack bulky items

Travel pillows, bulky water carries, and large footrests are all a permanent space taker, yet all come in a deflate able or collapsible form. Take a look at the range of carry on-accessories you could be getting your hands on that have been specially built for air travel, such as a potable airplane travel footrest, which has the added benefit of DVT prevention.


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