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10 Ways to Survive Long Haul Flights

10 Ways to Survive Long Haul Flights

If you want to see all the far-flung places in the world, a long haul flight is just something you are going to have to suffer through before you get to your final destination. Although they may not be particularly enjoyable, a long haul flight doesn’t have to be something you dread, they could even be something you enjoy if you just follow a few of these simple tips.

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Take care of you

One of the biggest health concerns when it comes to long haul flights is DVT, which is the formation of blood clots in deep veins. The chance of this developing increases for flights that are longer than 4 hours in length. A few known methods of DVT prevention are walking up and down the isles of a plane, stretching, moving around every now and again, all of which encourages blood flow, especially in your calves. Other tips for DVT prevention include drinking lots of fluids, wearing comfortable clothing and wearing a pair of reputable compression socks.  You can find out more about some of the best compression socks available here at Trip Savvy – Best Compression Socks

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Another travel gadget that could come in handy is the HANGAR Travel Footrest, a new innovation when it comes to travel gear and carry on luggage. This adjustable footrest is lightweight and easy to carry, functioning as a hammock for your feet, allowing you to sit comfortably with your legs in a raised position.

Wear comfortable clothes

The clothes that you pick to wear on a long haul flight are the ones that you are going to be wearing for a very long time, so you’ll have to make sure you are happy with it still after sitting in it for 10 hours or more on a plane. The air conditioning system on a plane can make it pretty chilly, so layering is the way to go, so you add or remove layers as necessary and remain a comfortable temperature. You should also make sure you are not wearing any shoes that are too tight, as your feet can swell with high altitudes, making them pretty uncomfortable.

Pick a good seat

Most airlines come with the option of picking where you sit, and although this may end up costing you a little more, you will be very thankful that you did. There are a few common rules when it comes to the seating arrangements of flights. If you want more leg room or easy access to walking up and down, you should pick an aisle seat, or if you want more leg room, then an exit row is the way to go. If it is crying children that are likely to annoy you, then you should stay away from the front of the plane, as this is usually where there are special provisions for babies. You can pick your seat often as soon as check in opens, so make sure you get in there quick to get the seat you are hoping for.


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Although taking a long haul flight may initially feel like a drag, there is a different way you could be thinking about that time. With everyone leading such busy lives, there is very little time when you can simply kick back and enjoy relaxing. You will have no mobile phone coverage, and a team of crew ready to answer to your every need, including bringing you food and drink. If you start to look at that time as the perfect opportunity for a little me time, then you may even start to look forward to it! Get stuck into a good book, good some puzzles, watch a movie or simply enjoy doing nothing, the options are endless.

Stay Hydrated

You can lose a lot of water from being on a plane, which could lead to dizziness and headaches. Minimize this by drinking water regularly, and applying moisturizer and lip balm every few hours. Despite the fact that you are likely to off on holiday, drinking coffee or alcohol may not be the best idea either, as both of these can dehydrate you further.

Don’t always go cheap

Although it can be tempting to book the cheapest flight you find, sometimes this may not be a good idea. Take some time to do some research about that airline, and read reviews about what the flight experience is like. Some of the cheapest airlines may have small seats and bad service, which is certainly not something you are going to want if you have a long flight in front of you. It is also worth checking if there are any stopovers on your flight, how long they are, and where they will be. Cheap flights are often replete full of connecting flights. Remember each additional connection increases the chance of a delay and lengthening the duration of your travel.

Travel Light

Only take with you the carry on luggage that you feel like you are going to really need on the flight. The lighter the bag you use, the better, as it means you will be able to put more in it. IT Luggage have a great collection of ultra-light carry on luggage, that are both affordable and stylish. If you have to have a carry on bag with you, stow it in the overhead bin to really make the most of the tiny amount of space that you are likely to have been allotted as leg room! Without a bag under the seat in front of you, you will be able to stretch your legs that little bit further, and hopefully get into a relatively comfortable position. For tips on how to pack light check out, 10 Ways to Pack Light & Maximize your Carry-on Luggage.

Before boarding, prepare a small bag with all the things in it that you may need mid-flight, such as snacks, ear phones, charging cable and lip balm, and quickly take it out of your carry on luggage before you sit down. If you’re travelling on any American carriers check the personal item and carryon luggage limits for US airlines here before you go.

In Flight Entertainment

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Most long haul flights today come with on board entertainment such as a range of films, TV shows, music and games, but did you know you are able to check out your entertainment options before you fly? If you go onto your airlines web page it is often possible to find out what movies are going to be available on the month you travel. That way, if you know there is going to be nothing that interests you, you can download your own movies on your phone or tablet, or make sure you have got a good book with you.

Home comforts

Some airlines may give you a few comfort items, but some won’t. Make sure you have with you a small travel pillow and blanket so you can get comfortably on your trip. If you want to be even more comfortable, then an eye mask and ear phones may come in handy too. These will help to create the ideal sleeping environment, blocking out all light and noise. Using a HANGAR travel footrest can also help you get more comfortable, plus can aid with DVT prevention while you are napping.

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Freshen up

There is nothing worse than sitting on a plane for 10 hours or more feeling dirty and unclean. Bring with you a few small bathroom items such as cleaning wipes, toothbrush and toothpaste so you can go to the bathroom and freshen up every now and again. It may also be worth packing some anti-bacteria wipes that you can use to wipe down your tray, arm rests and seat belts, helping you to avoid the risk of picking up any germs.


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