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Let's talk travel fashion


Join us in Toronto on March 16th as we pair up with some of the local entrepreneurial talents to talk branding through fashion. Co-founder Janni Hjorth will be giving a presentation on HÄNGAR and the journey to making the world’s most comfortable and stylish travel footrest. 

The event offers a chance to meet local talents, network with female entrepreneurs and of course a chance to try the worlds most comfortable travel footrest before it hits the market.

For anyone that missed out on our Kickstarter campaign their will be a chance to win a HÄNGAR and other goodies!!!

The Look Book takes place on 720 Bathurst Street from 7-9pm.

We can't wait to see you there!

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Introducing a new travel accessory

At HÄNGAR Travel we have just wrapped up our Kickstarter campaign which ended up raising 12,062 CAD from 149 backers!

Our campaign reached people all over the world, from the Netherlands to Japan, Australia to Mexico!!! And we are very grateful to each and every one of you who’ve made this possible. Thank you!

Back in 2016 when I boarded a plane for the first time with my homemade travel footrest I was excited, excited about trying my new creation and finally being able to sit in my preferred sitting position. At that point I didn’t realize that my excitement would steadily increase over the course of that long flight, as fellow passengers asked me where I had gotten that “smart” footrest and where they could get one themselves. When disembarking I was filled with ideas and plans to create a new product I hadn´t seen before.

However going from a homemade travel accessory to developing a commercial product was a whole new undertaking. At that point finding out how to get HÄNGAR commercialized seemed like climbing a mountain where you can’t see the peak.
We decided on crowdfunding early on, yet doing a campaign for the first time left me a little nervous to press that “publish your project” button on the Kickstarter platform a month ago. Over time the nerves disappeared as backers came in, and before I knew it the nerves were all gone when we hit our project target within the two first weeks of the campaign. Since then we kept surpassing our funding goal and ended up being over 200 percent funded.

Just as much as this is the ending of the campaign it is also the beginning of an exciting new chapter for HÄNGAR. We have many things set out for 2018; our first production run, delivering more than 180 HÄNGARS to our very first customers and much more.

Follow along here on the blog and on our social media @hangartravelco.