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The HÄNGAR footrest is designed to make you more comfortable when traveling.
The footrest enables you to elevate your legs and get into a more comfortable resting position.

The footrest is to be used by placing the adjustable strap on a fixed seatback and rest legs in sling.

HÄNGAR comes with a sleeve cover so it is easy and practical to store while traveling.

To use:  
Remove from sleeve from cover
  Adjust the strap to your preferred length, this is done by moving the strap buckles
Place your feet in the sling
Lift your legs up and place the strap on the top of the seat back in front of you.

If you are using HÄNGAR on a plane please note that the footrest is not to be used during takeoff and landing.

The footrest should be stored along with your other belongings either under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment during takeoff and landing. 

In case the person sitting in front of you leans their seat back, you will still be able to use the footrest however with less space.

Most commercial airplanes do not have much space for seats to decline.  


HÄNGAR is designed as a sling to hold your feet. It should therefore only be used for this purpose. Please note that the footrest is not designed to carry excessive weight, swing/stomp feet or be placed anywhere other than the top of the fixed seat back. 

Always be conciderate of your fellow travelers when using HÄNGAR, especially on an airplane were we all have to share a very small space. When used properly and with consideration of the people around you HÄNGAR will not be disturbing to your fellow travelers.


Now sit back relax and find joy in the journey!


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