Revolutionize The Way You Travel

HÄNGAR is a brand new travel accessory for the everyday traveler. A fully adjustable and lightweight travel footrest designed to make travel comfort available for everyone going anywhere.

The travel footrest functions as a hammock for your feet allowing you to rest more comfortably with your legs in a raised position. The travel footrest is designed to be placed on the back of a seat and adjusted according to personal preference. 

Portable Travel Footrest

Make the most out of your space

In economy class leg room is for the most part limited and finding a comfortable sleeping positing can be hard on long journeys. The HÄNGAR travel footrest is designed to let travelers experience more quality rest by elevating their legs and changing their seated position. 

Travel Footrest increasing travel comfort by supporting knees and legs

Potential Health Benefits

- Improving blood circulation
- Enabling knee and leg support
- Preventing heavy, restless and swollen legs
- Preventing DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)
- Sleeping more comfortably in a seated position
- Reducing stress on your back, knees and ankles
- Arriving well rested at your destination
Travel footrest preventing heavy legs and dvt

How to use HÄNGAR

The travel footrest is used by gently placing it on the seat back. Place your feet on the flat bottom and let your legs rest. Avoid swinging, stomping or bouncing your legs and your co-passengers will not notice a thing.

It is especially convenient to experience more in-flight comfort on long flights. The longer the flight the greater the benefit. Just remember to tuck it away during take-off and landing.

Attention to detail

The team behind HÄNGAR are experienced globetrotters who have used all their travel knowledge and expertise to create the ultimate travel footrest for the everyday traveller.

We have designed every part of the travel footrest ourselves and after testing multiple prototypes we believe that we have found the perfect combination of comfort, functionality and aesthetics

  • Leight Weight

    All components are made of  light weight materials 

  • Compact

    Fits easily into any carry-on luggage by folding the strap around the bottom piece and tuck it away into it's sleeve 

  • Durable materials

    For maximum support and resilience the body and sleeve are made of 210 Ripstop Nylon

  • Padded Bottom

    For ultimate comfort the bottom is made from padded  soft black vegan suede 

Additional Features

  • Sleeve Cover With Magnet Closing

    We have designed a sleek sleeve cover for you to store your travel footrest while you're on the go. The sleeve cover opens and closes easily with magnet snaps. 

    Stylish sleeve cover to store the travel footrest when not in use
  • Adjustable Strap

    The adjustable strap enables you to adjust the travel footrest to fit your personal preference and ensure to change your seated position during short and long flights. 

    The strap enables adjustments of the travel footrest to fit personal preference
  • Personal Items Right At Hand

    We know that when you travel having the most essential personal items right at hand is very convenient. We therefore designed the travel footrest with multiple pockets, suitable for your phone, headphones, pen and cash for your in-flight Gin Tonic. 

    The travel footrest is designed with pockets for personal items
  • Scandinavian Design

    The HÄNGAR travel footrest is inspired by Scandinavian functionality and minimalism. We have designed HÄNGAR to be functional and aesthetic, as we believe style doesn't need to be compromised for practicality.

    The travel footrest is inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and functionality

Craving comfort? Order your travel footrest now

We are a startup that has sought funding through Kickstarter and on January 11th  2018 our campaign ended. We raised over $12,000 from backers all over the world.

The HÄNGAR Travel footrest is a must have for the modern globetrotter